iOS12 WebAR|iPhoneXS / XS Max

iOS 12 has been released.

I will release the WebAR of a new function.


Each AR starts with the image tap of XS, XS Max.

If the usdz_iconicon is displayed at the top right of the image, it is the corresponding terminal. If nothing is displayed, the terminal is not compatible.

WebAR Start condition

  • iOS12
  • ARKit compatible terminal
  • Safari

* If it does not correspond, the AR will not start and will be the usdz file DL screen.

* iPhoneXs / XsMax Please refer to size only. The detail is different from the actual because it was modeled based on the material before release.

State of operation


  • I’d like to express a sense of gloss properly because it’s painful. A different color version as well.
  • I wrote how to make usdz file here.