Upload point cloud to Sketchfab

The Kaneda Mitsuhiro laboratory at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and the Graduate School of Digital Arts and Sciences, which is being addressed by gluon.
I tried to upload the point cloud data scanned by Geo campus to Sketchfab.

If it is a point cloud it is not said that it can be upgraded as it is, so the procedure is described below.

Detailed explanation is official here.

Thinning out

Since Skechfab has a limit of 1 file 50MB for free account, we will thin out the point group and adjust the capacity.
I used free software “Cloud Compare“.
In this example, it is reduced to 100 mm intervals.

Export ply

It exports in the “ply” format supported by Sketchfab.
Cloud Compare When asked whether Binary or Ascii is saved when ply is saved, Sketchfab does not support Binary, so choose Ascii.

Change the extension to asc

When uploading, it is necessary to keep the extension of ply file as asc, so rename it.
I only upload this file.

various settings

Like the 3D model, various effects can be applied to point clouds, so let’s adjust as you like.

Point group VR / point group AR

As well as 3D model, VR mode and AR mode are possible.
However, in both modes the points are displayed larger than usual.
Since it has just been released, it may be dealt with in the future.